Hi there, Here you can see how I am doing, trying to get from $0 to $10 000. This is my first such experiment and I must say that it was inspired from Chris Fergusons experiment to do the same e couple of years ago. I will keep stats of my required time and the money I win or lose. I will every day write how I am doing. I hope it will be fun for you, as I am sure it will be fun for me. So if you want to play vs me, just open an account at Full Tilt and put it all in vs me :)

Here we go:

Total ammount of money in my acount: $58.25
Total ammount of time played: 11h. 40m.
Freerolls played:5 Winnings from freerolls:$12
Sit and Gos played:1 Winnings from sit and go:$20
Cash Game winnings: 26.25

Day 1

My goal is to get $10 from freerolls and start 0.05/0.10 cap cash game. I then will play cap cash game till I get to $30-50 and start playing normal 0.05/0.10 games. I will play these limits till I gather about $250, then I will move to 0.1/0.25. So todays goal: $10. Lets go!

Goal No1 - accomplished

I played 5 freerolls today and 1 sit and go and managed to gather $32 for my first day. Now I must try to keep the money, because I dont want to go back to playing freerolls again :)

Day 2

Goal for the day: $70-100

I played 6 tables for 3 hours and got almost to $80, but then I almost went on tilt and left the tables with $58. I got 2 bad beats. The first one was really bad i flopped 888 and called his all in with his JJ, on the river he hit another jack and took the pot. The second bad beat was a normal one - I had top 2 pairs on the flop and went all in vs the guy with the over pair, but the board paired and I lost the pot.

Stay in touch and have fun,