Let me tell you about a hand I played a couple of days ago.
I am on the button. Effective stacks are 2000. Every body folds up to me. I decide to steal the blinds and then look at my cards and see AA. Well nothing changes in my strategy, let me raise and it will look like stealing the blinds. I make a bet of 3 times the big blind = 30. Small blind folds, Big Blind thinks a little and calls. Flop comes 226 with two diamonds, perfect if he has pocket pair like tt or jj. He checks, I make a continuation because I have an image of an aggressive player, he flatcalls, only calling he must have either flush draw or a 2 in the hand. I have noticed before that hand that this guy playes all his suited aces and kings, and is ready to go all in on the flop with only an overpair. Pot is 120. A of diamonds comes on the turn! Perfect, I hope he has flush or a full house deuces over aces. I know he was capable of playing both hands. He checks trying to trap me, but I smartly bet pot showing I will try to steal here, or I finally got my pair with my AK. He fl

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