If you want to play poker in Vienna, there are a couple of places you can do that. We have listed our favourite locations in this post. As number one place for playing poker in Vienna, we will offer you the Cardclub called Montesino. It is situated in the famous building, called Gasometer in Vienna 1110. You can access it by metro, bus or by car. There is also a U3 metrostation called Gasometer.
The second best place for playing Poker in Vienna, would be the CCC, which has a couple of clubs situated in different places in Vienna.
However if you enjoy online poker and do not have the intention to go to those card clubs, you can just click on our banner and register in some of the worlds very fine poker websites.

We also offer you poker information and poker download On our partner web sites.
If you have further questions, you can write us any time.
Do not forget, that playing poker is dangerous, as you risk to lose all the money you put on the table. Be sure to consider that fact every time you face your wish to spend some time playing cards.
Poker herunterladen ist german, and means Download. Pokerplattform means Pokerwebsite. You can visit the sites, that we offered you and share your impressions with us.
Have fun.

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