One of the most important questions when you start playing online poker is “Where to start?”. You will create a unique relationship with your poker provider and it is very important to get the things done right from the start. Here, we will discuss what needs to be considered before you choose your poker web site.
If you are a new player, you play more for fun and thrill than for any other reason. So your poker experience must be pleasent. You must find a web site, that has nice poker software and interesting opponents. If you ask me, at which site I enjoy playing poker at most, I would definitelly answer Full Tilt. If you want to get started, just click on the banner below and download the poker software. After that, you must install it for about a minute and create a poker account for another minute. Then you are ready to rock. The good thing about this site, is that it provides many freeroll tournaments for the new players and very small limits for the players who want to try playing with real money for the first time. Of course you can use play money too, which is a nice way to get acquainted with the poker rules and styles of play before you invest your own money. If you think you can try playing with real money, you will get up to a USD 600 bonus if you click on the banner below and create your poker account.
Play Online Poker
Play Online Poker

If you are a professional or semi-professional player. It would be very important for you, to play in a web site you trust and are 100 percent sure will not cheat you in any way. The many professional players who test Full Tilt every day, are the surest way to know, this site is being kept honest. You can go and watch how the profis like Tom Durrrr Dwan, Gus Hansen, Phil Ivey, Chris Ferguson and many more play by observing their tables.
Enjoy, and GOOD LUCK :)

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