I have made some funny screenshots for you. So the next time you get a bad beat you will definitelly not feel as much pain as those guys here.

The first one shows how aces can be cracked by …….. that is right, by aces. You dont get it? See the picture below.

Well i cannot say which one I hate more. Aces vs aces or, just do not be scared when you read this one:

set over set over set vs over pair vs low pair drawing to a straight. As this is a bad beat post, let the worst hand win. You dont get it again do you? Just see the picture below:

So remember this, and dont cry the next time your over pair loses to an open ended straigt flush draw. If you want to give those guys some more bad beats, or experience what it feels like yourself, just click on our banners on the right and download the poker software. Please do not forget to use the special bonus our partners offer. Up to $600 rakeback bonus for your first deposit up to $600.

As Mike Sexton likes to say, Let all your cards be live, and your pots be monsters.

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