Here you can find some useful tables, helping you to improve your positional play in Texas Holdem Poker. If you are a beginner, following this advice, you will either start losing less money or earning more. Here, I will show you how to play tight. You may ask, why guys like Gus Hansen and Daniel Negreanu can play all kinds of cards, and I say you should not. Well the reason is that those guys know what they are doing ( in most of the cases) and the new players who do it, they just have no clue. So let us start the hard work, carefully study the tables below and you will soon be impressed by the results.

Let me first introduce you with the basic positions on the poker table.

Early position - the first couple of players after the big blind.

Middle position - 2-3 players after early position

Late position - 2-3 players after the middle position. Here you can find the button. The button is considered to be the best place on the poker table, the Shanry La for the poker players. Well be carefull not to be too self confident sitting there. It may cost you a lot of money.

In the first table you will find only pocket pairs and suited cards.

Green - cards that can be played in early position and better

Yellow - cards that can be played in middle position and better

Orange - cards that can be played in late position or from the blinds when it is only 1 more bet to go to you.

Red - cards that only have bluff value

In the second table you will only find offsuited card combinations

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