A whole lot of people are sceptical about living on poker. General population just does not believe that this is a honerable job or activity. However, in the last few years poker, and texas hold em no limit in particular, have been steaming. The number of people playing poker increases rapidly as is the number of people living on money made by playing poker. Those players do not go to play and have fun and win money like that. If you want to be a winning poker player, you must have discipline, nerves of steel and good bankroll management skills. I cannot say that one of the mentioned skills is more important than the other, and if you play poker long enough you will just know what I mean.
In summarizing all that, I want to defend the reputation of poker. What poker helped me do is developed my mathematical skills through learning and reading math and statistics books, improved my analytical thinking, and excercised my abillity to take bad beats. I also stopped drinking and started doing some sports to help me organize some daily routine.
If you want to be a professional poker player, or just a winning poker player, you have to try improve your game all the time in all different aspects. Dont start thinking big. Start small, do it one step at a time and after some time, you will see that “only practice makes perfect”.
If you think you can give poker a try, you can do so visiting one of our friend sites here you can see their banners and our quick explanation about them:
This here is the Full Tilt Poker site. It is well organized and has lots of players. Some of the worlds most famous players play poker here on the regular basis, so that you can see their poker sessions for free. You can start playing with play money and freeroll tournaments and after some time go to the small real money tournaments. If you lose go back to the play money and try again when you get more confidence. Do not get stuck to the real money if you start losing. It is important to understand that. Every time when you lose money, just go one step back and try to improve your game. You should do the same when you play with real money and try the bigger limits. The people in bigger limits are playing better poker, so when you move up and start losing, just go one step back and try to improve, when you get enough confidence (and money) move forward again.
Play Online Poker
Play Online Poker

How to win texas hold em games and how to win money from poker. How to improve your game playing poker texas hold em no limit. important lessons and winning poker strategies.

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