Our first task here will be to define what a bad beat is. Well, it is more than clear that a bad beat is a situation, in which the opponen comes from behind and beats you. The problem is, some amateurs define AK vs 77, when they have AK and lose, as a bad beat. Others push all in pre flop, then take the lead after the flop just to lose on the river. Is this really a bad beat? Not really. Here are some more examples of what some amateurs define as a bad beat and what I totally deny to call with that name:
pre flop all in A2o vs KTs, A9o vs T8s, or QQ vs AK. You have to learn not to think of those losses as of bad beats. The truth is, with all those hands you are never more than 3 to 2 favourite. Apart from all that, our selective memory helps us remember all the lost hands and easily forget all our wins with such hands. You must also consider you will (if you play poker seriously) often have a losing sequence. You may easily lose 10 flip coins in a row, as well as win 10 coin flips in a row. It is possible that people get a depression when such thing happens, so this is something you must expect and not let it take you down.
Ok, having defined what a bad beat IS NOT, let us now define what according to me is a bad beat:
pre flop going all in with AK vs AQ , AQ wins - classical bad beat. AQ is actually not in such a bad shape vs AK as some amateurs think it is. It is between 3:1 and 5:2 depending on the suits.
Another classical bad beat is AA vs JJ pre flop all in, JJ wins. Here the jacks are 4:1 underdog before the flop, it really hurts you when you see a jack coming.
Now some post flop bad beats:
Ah8h vs 3h3s 5h3dJh Kh - all in on the turn the ace has nut flush, here it is about 4:1 favourite, of course every card that pairs the board, will give the treys full house or quads. This is a classical bad beat.
AK vs AJ K,2,3 - all in on the flop - this is one of the bad beats that can take you out of your mind. Runner runner jacks or runner runner straight. This is the one that will take you off balance and you will start losing money rapidly.
Here is how to manage such situations:
First, I should tell you that you have to be able to control your anger if some of the previous cases occur, because if you cannot do that, you will not be able to stay a whole tournament without catching a heart attack. You must always be ready to lose the small favourite hands, because that is what will actually happen. For every AK vs 99 hand you will win, you will also lose one. That is poker. But for every bad call of your opponent, you will win money from him on the long turn. If you play the same guy every week, and he gets lucky 2 times in a row, do not worry, your time will come and he will pay for all his bad calls. You must try to keep yourself calm after you lose. If you get hot waves, just stand up a little, take a glass of mineral water, breath 5-6 times very deep and try to fold the next 10 or 15 hands when you get back to table.
There is not really much else you can do otherways.
So let me summarize it once again for you:
1. Know what a bad beat is, and dont feel like you got one when you lose a coin flip
2. Think about the long run - every bad call from your opponent will win you money
3. Try to breath deep and drink some water when you get a real bad beat
4. try not to go on tilt as you fold the 10-15 hands after a bad beat
5. try to watch your actions after you get a bad beat, keep track of them and try to get over them and play better the next time you get a bad beat.

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