I hear it all the time! The worst players think texas hold em is a game of luck, the advanced players keep saying luck has nothing to do with winning. Well, I keep saying something else… I call it: ” A game of luck management”. If you want to win in the short turn, all you need is 2 consecutive hands with you having pocket aces and some poor guy having kings. If you want to win in the long turn, you need to win more money every time you got the aces and the other guy has the kings, and in the same time lose less the other way round. Believe me this makes huge profit in the long term. Imagine you play 100 stacks 0.50/ 1.00 no limit hold em. Then imagine you play 30 days and every other day you meet someone having kk when you have aa, while on the next day you have the other way round.
If you manage to get all 100 from the other guy in the pot every time pre flop you will win aproximately 0.8 x 100 x 15 days and lose 0.2 x 100 x 15 days for a total profit of 900.
in the same time if you manage to only get in the pot 50 every time you get kings and the other guy has ases you will have about
0.2 x 50 x 15 days - 0.80 x 50 x 15 days for a total loss of 450, if you manage to get the other 50 in the pot when you hit the third king, you will have only 300 loss.
In conclusion, you will win 900 and lose 300 with this situation for a total profit of 600. That is the difference between the winner and the loser in the long term.
As luck is never constant, you will find yourself in a situation having “bad luck” a whole day/week/month and sometimes having lucky day/week/month/, as long as you make more money with your good hands than you lose with your bad hands, you will have no reason to complain.

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