Poker is going more and more popular all over the world. Starting in texas, the so called “Cadillac of Poker”, or texas hold em is now played in every country and almost every city from USA to Australia. In Austria, another phenomenon is getting more and more attention- the amateur poker clubs. There is even an “Austrian Poker Sport Assotiation” whose aim is making Poker popular among students and showing that poker also has potential as a sport and not a gambling game only. I wanted originally to introduce some of the best poker clubs in Austria with this post, so that is what I am going to do right now.
As I dont think it would be fair if I choose miself the clubs I am going to introduce, I will just list the first five clubs in the Austrian Poker Bundesliga 2008 and that would be:

Poker Sport Verein Paddys
Poker Dynamites
Pokerworld Baden
Elite Poker Club Vienna
Pokerclub Peggau

You can see the full list of Austrian Poker Clubs here.

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