Queens are very hard to play in order to win much and lose small with them. I can even rate them as the hardest pre flop hand ever. They are just about the biggest problem pre flop. Of cource there is no problem if no one else on the table is having something and you get the blinds but the problem comes when someone has KK, AA, AK, AQ, AJ, JJ, TT. All of those guys think they are strong pre flop and after the flop no matter what comes. You sure like to see JJ, TT, AQ, AJ in that situation, You know what to do vs AK, but you fear AA, KK, and a bluf when either k or a comes on the board. Sure it is good to vary your play, but I think a good way to play queens is min raise from early position, then call a reraise and see the flop, after that raise a little more than half the pot and fold to a very very big reraise. I hope you will enjoy success with this play as I sure do. And remember , the flop you want is A Q 9, this hand gives them the maximum chance of getting some good hand and still losing big to you. no staights and flushes must be possible. No checking in this situation, you want a reraise from two pair or ak or hopefully 99. you can get some calls from draws, which must make you very suspicious and bet pot or more on the turn.

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