The best way ( and maybe the only way) to make real money by playing Texas Hold em, is to understand the way the other players are playing and adjust your style to what you consider optimal. I will describe what I mean, with examples of two extreme cases.
The first case is, playing a guy who calls all your bets no matter what he holds. The optimal strategy against such a player would be to try isolate him and then check till the river or till you get some very good hand before the river. After you get a very good hand, just make a plan how to get all your opponents money into the pot.
Another extreme is a player who always folds if he doesnt have the nuts or near to the nuts. The optimal strategy against such a player is to always make 1/2 pot sized bets and throw your holding if he raises.
Unfortunatelly in the real life, you are not going to see those two guys very often. The players you will play against are going to be much better than that. They are going to variate their strategy and change their play. However you will notice some tipical behaviour and make some mental notices about it.
If you are a beginner and you cannot manage keeping track of all the players on the table, try to remember what the two guys after you and the one guy before you are doing. When you get used to doing that, add one more guy on your left and one on your right. Do the same untill you keep track of the whole table. That would be the moment you will finally start having a positive bankroll.

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