The rules of Omaha Hi-Lo are a little complicated in comparison to those of Texas Hold em. However Omaha is a fine game and a good poker player must at least have some experience in that poker variation. The strength of the hands is same as in texas hold em texas hold em rules. However In Omaha, you get 4 hole cards in stead of 2 in Texas and you have to use exactly 2 of the cards to form the hi hand and 2 to form the low hand. You cannot use one three or all four of your hole cards. You must use three of the board cards to form your hi and your low hands. The strategical differences are that much more draws are possible simultaneously by one player. For example you can have two different nut flush draws and a straight draw. Maybe the best hand to have in a Omaha Hi Low game is A2345 suited. In that scenario you get almost for sure the Hi and you have the low as well as A2345 is the nuts low hand.

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