As I was new to the game, I used to tell to myself a lot of times:”I should have left 20 minutes ago”. I still think that sometimes but the good news is that now it happens much less often.
There are two reasons you would like to have left some time earlier:
1. You lost all your winnings
2. You lost all your buy in
3. You lost all your bankroll.
No need to tell you that from those three reasons the last is the worst. The only way you are going to make money as a poker player is to keep the winnings bigger than the losses. Never forget that. If you have found out you are a $1-$2 player do not under any circumstances try to “get back your loss” with a 5-10 game. This is one of the main reasons some good player ban themselves from the game. Yes there are some rich guys there ready to lose a couple of thousands to you but the danger of meeting some profi players or the stupid rich guys getting lucky make this choise not a good one.

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