You may laugh when you read this post, I was laughing as I posted it, the truth is too many people think about it when they see others losing temper, but forget it when they are in the same situation and they DO lose all their money. What I am talking about here is not just the usual buy in. I am talking big money here. Money that you and me live a year with. When you play online and you have your whole bankroll you can just go on tilt and buy 1000 after 1000 and when your two pairs finally come you are ready to bet another 2000 to get all back, forgeting that the straight flush is standing on the board. Just take a second and think about this post the next time you get bad beat after bad beat. Some people may say that I write much too often on the subject but believe me that there will never be told too much on this subject as long as you are a poker player.

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