One of the most common psychological problems of a poker player is staying calm after a bad beat. While 1 bad beat can be some kind of bearable, two or three bad beats in a row really make your head to explode. The most important thing is not to lose your mind. Easier said than done. After 3-4 bad beats in 1 hour or so, me myself I start losing temper too and that is the worst that could happen to a poker player. I already wrote about going to bed or going for a walk when your aces get crushed from 88 or when you go all in and the runner runner of your enemy comes. Well sometimes going to bed is not an option. For example when you play a 3-4 day tournament. The best thing in situations like that is to repeat in your mind: He got lucky, I have also been lucky a lot of times when I started playing poker, It is just a part of the game. Now I have to start playing very tight until I get calm again. Maybe I need to throw away hands as good as jacks or AQ unsuited in order not to push too hard with them. Once you get to your pace again, you can return to your normal game and make the lucky guy who robbed you broke.
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