As many of you already know, the brand new Free Poker Book from ivonpoker will come out on 10th of July 2009. There will be more than 20 Chapters. The first 5 of them will cover all the basics for amateur players. There will also be some bonus chapters in the book, concerning sports betting [...]

One of the most important questions when you start playing online poker is “Where to start?”. You will create a unique relationship with your poker provider and it is very important to get the things done right from the start. Here, we will discuss what needs to be considered before you choose your poker web [...]

I have made some funny screenshots for you. So the next time you get a bad beat you will definitelly not feel as much pain as those guys here.

Here you can find some useful tables, helping you to improve your positional play in Texas Holdem Poker. If you are a beginner, following this advice, you will either start losing less money or earning more. Here, I will show you how to play tight. You may ask, why guys like Gus Hansen and Daniel [...]

Our first task here will be to define what a bad beat is. Well, it is more than clear that a bad beat is a situation, in which the opponen comes from behind and beats you. The problem is, some amateurs define AK vs 77, when they have AK and lose, as a bad beat. [...]

A whole lot of people are sceptical about living on poker. General population just does not believe that this is a honerable job or activity. However, in the last few years poker, and texas hold em no limit in particular, have been steaming. The number of people playing poker increases rapidly as is the number [...]

Let me tell you about a hand I played a couple of days ago.
I am on the button. Effective stacks are 2000. Every body folds up to me. I decide to steal the blinds and then look at my cards and see AA. Well nothing changes in my strategy, let me raise and it [...]

Queens are very hard to play in order to win much and lose small with them. I can even rate them as the hardest pre flop hand ever. They are just about the biggest problem pre flop. Of cource there is no problem if no one else on the table is having something and you [...]

The best way ( and maybe the only way) to make real money by playing Texas Hold em, is to understand the way the other players are playing and adjust your style to what you consider optimal. I will describe what I mean, with examples of two extreme cases.


Poker is going more and more popular all over the world. Starting in texas, the so called “Cadillac of Poker”, or texas hold em is now played in every country and almost every city from USA to Australia. In Austria, another phenomenon is getting more and more attention- the amateur poker clubs.

Ireland won the team championship APAT 2008 with team in full as follows: Colin OPrey, Brendan Byrne, Jonh Murray, Pat O Callaghan and captain Len Collin.

Full tilt poker is one of the very fine on line poker rooms. You can choose from a vast variety of games there. Texas Holdem, Razz, Omaha hi-lo, Omaha hi, Stud hi, Stud hi-low, HORSE… The site doubles your first payment. Do not forget that you can get up to $600 bonus on your first [...]

I hear it all the time! The worst players think texas hold em is a game of luck, the advanced players keep saying luck has nothing to do with winning. Well, I keep saying something else… I call it: ” A game of luck management”.


As I was new to the game, I used to tell to myself a lot of times:”I should have left 20 minutes ago”. I still think that sometimes but the good news is that now it happens much less often.

I very often hear that a man cannot improve his or her poker game, playing home games with friends. That is totally untrue.


Not long ago Stud Hi (also called Seven-Card stud), was what you played when poker night came around.


If you want to play a poker variation where the worst hand wins then Razz is the right game for you. It is a mix between lowball and seven card stud, the goal is to make the best five-card low hand from seven cards.


You may laugh when you read this post, I was laughing as I posted it, the truth is too many people think about it when they see others losing temper, but forget it when they are in the same situation and they DO lose all their money.


The rules of Omaha Hi-Lo are a little complicated in comparison to those of Texas Hold em. However Omaha is a fine game and a good poker player must at least have some experience in that poker variation.

One of the most common psychological problems of a poker player is staying calm after a bad beat. While 1 bad beat can be some kind of bearable, two or three bad beats in a row really make your head to explode.